European skull mount

Nov 3, 2013 . Turn a deer skull into a European wall mount with minimal fuss and frustration.Dec 12, 2012 . In this video I demonstrate how to do a european skull mount on a whitetail deer skull. Some of the tools that you will want to have handy are: . I've always enjoyed the look of the European style mount. This is the. To start you will need to use a saw to cut the head off the deer at the base of the skull.I have received a lot of email asking about the procedures on how to do a European Skull mount, so following are the steps I do in my studio. As the names says, . Oct 27, 2014 . Photo by Luke Nilsson Got some grit? Use a pressure washer to speed-clean a whitetail head. There's no faster way to get a skull mount . Tips for Cleaning Skulls for a European Mount A great way to display a whitetail, without spending a ton of money at the taxidermy shop, is to boil the skull . Jun 27, 2013 . skullhooker. It seems that the European mounts are all the rage. Who wouldn't consider it? You can show off your kill in a cost efficient manner . European skull mount plaques and panels for deer available in oak, walnut, cedar, mesquite, camo, pecky cypress, and weathered wood. Plaques, pedestals  . Skull Hooker is the world's first professionally crafted and fully adjustable European skull mounting bracket that naturally showcases your trophy game animal in . Nov 17, 2014 . Turns out it isn't too hard to make your own European deer skull mount. Here's a creative idea on what to do with the buck you get this season.