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The Lexile framework for reading is an educational tool that uses a measure called a Lexile to. Accordingly, the scores for texts do not reflect factors such as multiple levels of meaning or matu. To interpret students' Lexiles, Achieve3000 recommends using the College and. chart, shown below, to determine whether students are on track for college . Assess Reading Levels and Forecast College and Career Readiness. The challenges of. Pinpoint Every Student's Lexile Reading Level to Monitor Progress.and career based on their current Lexile reading level. The report can also be used to identify which students are most in need of support and to plan aggressive . This is an editable PDF file that can be modified for your grade level or Lexile…. Achieve 3000 Incentives Chart for the second semester. Grades 2-5 . There is no direct correspondence between a specific Lexile measure and a specific grade level. Within any classroom or grade, there will be a range of readers . Achieve3000 is a robust, patented solution to deliver informational text to students at. Students read the same information, but at their individual Lexile levels,. . Click the "Simplified Lexiles by Grade Level Chart" button to get a version that . I will provide you with a Lexile score based on your NWEA or Achieve 3000 scores. This number is incorrect: 1) Find your grade level on the chart below . As your student's reading level improve, TeenBiz will increase the level of difficulty. The Lexile Framework for Reading matches a reader's ability to the difficulty of a. The chart that follows can help you understand whether your students are . Santee School District. Grade Level Expectations. Achieve 3000 Lexile Level Performance Grouping. Grade Level. Exceeds. Meets. Approaching. Below. 3.

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